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Introducing our "Acquaintances" package – the perfect choice for the bride who has meticulously planned every detail but desires a helping hand to ensure a seamless execution on the big day.


With this package, we step in on the day of the event and/or rehearsal, allowing you to relax and relish in every moment without worrying about the itinerary.


It's the ideal solution for brides who want to enjoy their day to the fullest, knowing that every logistical detail is expertly managed.

Welcome to our "Work Besties" package – the perfect blend of collaboration and support for those who want a hands-on role in planning but also want besties to share the workload.


With this package, we become your partners in planning, dividing and conquering various aspects of the wedding. You take the lead on certain elements, and we handle the rest, working together to ensure every detail aligns with your vision.


With the “work bestie” package, you get the best of both worlds – the freedom to make your day your way with the assurance that a dedicated team is there to handle the rest.


Let’s turn the wedding planning process into a shared adventure. 

Welcome to our BFF package – where we go beyond event planning to become your best friends. With this full service package, we're not just planners; we're your confidantes, your partners in crime, and your steadfast allies throughout the entire process.

From designing the event to flawlessly coordinating the big day, we've got every detail covered. Our goal is to make sure things run smoothly so that you can focus on what truly matters. Trust us with the rest, and show up to your event with the confidence that every aspect of your celebration is in capable hands.

With our BFF package, your wedding experience is not just an event; it's a shared journey with best friends who are as dedicated to your happiness as you are. We’ll be stuck like glue, seamlessly finishing each other's sentences to ensure every detail aligns perfectly with your vision. 

So, let's embark on this adventure together and leave the details to us. Your only job? To show up, be present, and cherish the beautiful moments as you start this incredible chapter together.

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